Most business purchase New LED lighting based on lowest price believes they are saving money because they’re LEDs!

The truth of the matter is this is a pure waste of money because they haven’t considered the effective life of the product or its efficiency.

Many lights are being sold by well-known Wholesalers are of substandard efficiency and short life because they are built with only one objective a bargain price.

Time and Time again I see substandard LED lighting in warehouses and factories, it’s a pure waste of money. If you view our video on DEKs you’ll see a warehouse with failing LED high Bays, these are lightly to be less than 5 years old.


So how can you be sure that your new lighting will last 10 -15 years and remain efficient in the duration? The government has an ELT (Energy Technology List) which proscribes the standard for LED lighting. It’s important that your lights are built to this standard as you will also qualify for ECA (Enhanced Capital Allowance).


It’s a policy of LEDlights4you to supply ETL qualifying lighting because it provides better value to the customer, for example we can now provide LED panel lights which exceed the 105 Lumen per watt criteria and CRI with 125 Lumen per watt. This means we can use a 25 watt panel instead of a standard 40 watt thus saving another 37% in energy costs. The price difference is about £10 which the customer will recoup within the first year of operation saving hundreds over the lifetime of the product. See how much you can save book a free survey.