The longevity of our 14 year LED chandelier lamps is impressive, especially given the early stages of LED technology when you first started marketing these products back in 2008. Whilst LEDs produce less heat the drivers used to convert the power from mains to low voltage DC produces heat which needs to be dissipated otherwise the product will prematurely fail.

Most bulbs were designed and manufactured with a focus on cost rather than long-term performance and energy efficiency. The heat dissipation challenges are met using a raised copper skirt bayonet-style LED lamps which is responsible for their endurance however they were more expensive upfront.

Once the “pile it high and sell it cheap” supermarkets came in we concentrated on commercial lighting as quality and long service life are more crucial. However, we still experience large companies sacrificing quality to save a few pounds is an important lesson. Cutting corners on lighting infrastructure can lead to premature failures and higher long-term costs.

We are now offering a lighting consultant service to help organizations make more sustainable choices. Guiding clients towards reliable, energy-efficient lighting systems can deliver significant benefits in terms of operational costs, environmental impact, and hassle-free performance. Your experience in this space is a valuable asset.

Providing helpful technical insights and a positive case for investing in quality lighting solutions, rather than always going for the cheapest option. It demonstrates our company’s depth of knowledge and commitment to delivering reliable, energy-efficient products and services.