The latest European produced design of LED panel lighting from Northcliff Lighting using backlit LED technology lighting system have many advantages over imported panels from China.

Advantages of Backlit LED Panels

The advantages of using a backlit LED system is that there is less Glare, they are more reliable as there is better heat dissipation and its more efficient so a lower wattage can be used to produce the same result as with the standard ETL approved 40w panels.

Environmental Packaging

They are also boxed individually in 100% recycled packaging. Each panel is individually packaged in recyclable cardboard, there’s no chance of damage. Each encasement is wider than side lit LED panels at 34mm, however this does not cause any issues with the installation. As delivery is overland space issues are less important and they aren’t traveling 13,000 miles, environmentally more sound.

Advantages of European Manufacture

Stocks of these panels are readily available in large quantities with 3 – 5 days delivery by over ground transit. As with all LEDlights4you products we supply direct from the manufacturer so there’s no middle man with prices starting below £22 per panel!

Colour Temperature

Colour temperatures available are a comfortable 3000 or 4000 Kelvin natural light colour, which is more suitable for UK Office environments where we a used to more yellow shade of light. Ledlights4you normally install 4000 Kelvin as this is closer to natural daylight.

Product Features

Low Glare,

Non Yellowing Lens

Flicker Free


Longer life

Low Depletion

5 year manufactures warranty

Extra Options

Dali Dimming

Emergency packs

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