Many warehouse and industrial buildings are leased directly from developers, who also provide energy supply to the site by installing transformers. To attract tenants, developers often offer rent holidays or competitive rentals in the first few years. To make up for potential losses, developers resell energy on the site at higher rates.


In the UK, while normal energy contracts cost around 28p – 30p per kWh, developers can charge double that amount, typically ranging from 58p – 68p per kWh. To reduce costs, businesses can focus on reducing their energy usage. One effective way is by implementing smart LED lighting throughout the premises. This simple switch can lead to savings of more than 60%, even if LED lighting is already in use.


For instance, Inflite Jet Centre at Stansted Airport installed smart LED lighting for their hangar, which is responsible for the whole site’s power distribution. As the site’s energy distributor, Stansted Airport Authority justifies a premium of 50p per kWh. By implementing smart LED lighting, Inflite was able to save over £50,000 in a span of 5 years.


Reducing energy costs can be a significant factor in optimizing warehouse and industrial building operations. By adopting energy-efficient solutions like smart LED lighting, businesses can achieve substantial savings while minimizing their overall environmental impact.