Lighting – Occupation Sensors


Switching lights off is the best way to reduce your Carbon Footprint and cut energy bills.

Invariably Warehouses are not fully occupied all the time and areas within the warehouse will often be unoccupied. This is especially true of large warehouses.

Each light can be setup to switch off individually when the area below is unoccupied. The hold time, which is when a person or fork lift is not moving, can be set to ensure the switch off is not an inconvenience. Poorly set up systems with a very short hold can switch off when you’re still writing or bar coding. Our systems can be set up in two ways, either micro switches or remotely.

In addition lights can also be dimmed in standby mode and even switch off altogether on bright sunny days when natural light levels are higher.

These lights can save another 60% over standard LED lights making them a must to reduce your carbon footprint to a minimum.