In my experience most customers choose lighting based on price alone, this can actually increase your energy bills and maintenance cost!

Most contractors and electricians will replace existing lights often one for one without making any reference to LUX levels, positioning or future maintenance issues.

There are several issues here, if you have fluorescent lighting the original design would have taken into account that fluorescent tubes deplete by 30% within the first 6 months use. Ultimately tubes will also need to be replaced to maintain the LUX or brightness required.

With efficient LED lighting they will be brighter and will not require any maintenance or replacement for at least 10 years if sufficient build quality.

Armed with this knowledge it’s clear that fitting out office lighting on a one for one is going to cause issues with staff

complaining of too much light, headaches etc.

It’s thought that “I have LED lighting so my energy costs are reduced”.

As I discovered in a recent survey, a customer had employed an Electrician to replace their T5 Fluorescent replaced with low efficiency LEDs, their energy use was actually MORE!!

There is no doubt that before you go to the expense of changing your lighting to LED requires a fresh look at positioning, required LUX levels and reduction of maintenance.

Take a look at our 2 minute customer experience videos you’ll understand that there are several factors involved in selecting the right lighting for your business.

At LEDlights4you we give you a detailed report showing your savings and the overall LUX you require for the efficient running of your business.

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