Why Microwave Sensors are Best?


So what is the difference between OLD PIR’s and the latest Microwave Sensors?

I think most of us have experienced PIR’s having to jump up and down or move sideways so that you catch the beam. With Microwave Sensors are about 100 times more sensitive. Just opening a door or moving into the zone is all that’s required to switch lights on.


With busy Warehouses the PIR’s are slow to react which often causes a Safety Issue with Fork Lift Trucks. Often the Truck is almost through before the light comes on. The same with corridors and stair wells having to hesitate before proceeding. PIR’s also having a limited amount of adjustment often staying on for hours.


If your lighting is staying on longer, you are wasting money with higher energy bills and a larger Carbon Footprint.


The advantage with Microwaves  give you better control over the energy used for lighting, as they can be programmed to be on just seconds after the last movement.  Because of the faster reaction times and shorter on tomes additional savings of 60% can be made by using them. There are also dimming features which take out the ghost feeling as with a corridor function the lights immediately dim when you leave the area. Switching off completely after a minute or so.


Make sure that your Microwave switches a correctly adjusted, LEDlight4you supply an infrared hand set to adjust High Bay Lights from the ground. This makes the management of Energy a simple walk round job without needing expensive Scissor lift hire!