The Answer to this question is not straightforward.

Many people think because they are using LED lighting they have done all the saving they can.

Unfortunately, this is not correct, time and time again we see business with LED lighting that’s not much better than the lighting it replaced!

Why? Because of the efficiency, most people even Electricians only look at the wattage, often LED lights from Wholesalers are less efficient than the lights they replace.

As a consequence, additional lighting is required, meaning the energy saving is lost.

What Are The Benefits of Choosing Efficient LEDs?

The important thing to remember is that a more efficient LED will pay off its installation costs much quicker, you’ll see this in our video below, regardless of what the installation costs, you can save thousands of pounds by choosing efficient LED lighting.

How Do You Identify Efficient LED Lighting?

Firstly the Carbon Trust has created a minimum standard on the Energy Technology List, this is means that the lighting adheres to Government approved criteria and is the easiest way to identify whether or not LED lighting is genuinely energy efficient. If they are not ETL compliant, do not buy them.

A simple example below shows two LED Panels, A & B, they look the same and give a similar light output, however Panel B is £10 cheaper than Panel A, Which would you choose?

You’d buy B because you’d see no reason to pay more, however, Panel A is 25 Watt with 3600 lumens and Panel B is 40 Watt with 3600 Lumens. Panel A will cost about £10 a year less to run and in its life time saves you around £100 against Panel B, paying off the initial saving in just 1 year. Are you sure you made the right choice? That’s where we come in to advice and supply the best value option and with guarantees of up to 10 years your assured that you will not need to waste money replacing these in 3 -4 years!

Talk To The Experts

If you’re wondering what type of LED lighting would provide the greatest energy and cost savings, or are wondering if your current set up is as efficient as it could be – we can help. We work with client from a vast range of sectors from warehouses and workshops to offices and hospitals, call us today on 0333 446 084 or why not view our case studies to find out how we’ve helped businesses like yours in the past.