Most businesses are missing an opportunity when purchasing new LED lighting as they are often purchased on a price per Watt basis. The Efficiency is rarely looked at and often the replacement light is barely more efficient than the old lights!  Time and time again we find customers Failing LED lights in less than 5 years. Not only is this environmentally unacceptable, it’s also a waste of money.

ETL compliant or High efficiency LEDs can save up to 70% more energy than “Off The Shelf” Low Efficiency units as often you can use less units with no loss in light levels, less depletion and up to 10years warranty!

What are ETL compliant or High Efficiency LEDs?

The Energy Technology List is managed by the Carbon Trust, the list sets minimum standards for Efficient LED lighting which include the (Efficiency) LUMENs per Watt, Power Factor, and Depletion Rate (Usable Lifetime). In addition there are additional TAX incentives (ECA) and for businesses in Wales there are interest Free Loans.

When we replaced the lighting for DEK’s International in Nailsea we reduced their energy use by 60% and they already had LED lighting!

By using high efficiency LED lighting we can often reduce the number of units by up to 50% whilst maintaining lighting standards. In the Offices we able to reduce the number of fittings by up to 40%. This way we can achieve even higher savings with the paybacks in as little as 12 months!

Its feasible that some companies can reduce their carbon footprint by 50% and where this really pays off is on your bottom line, Reducing Operation or Fixed Costs saving tens of thousands of £s!

How Can I Tell If My LEDs Are Not Efficient?

One of the biggest signs of inefficient LEDs is high energy bills, if you’re unsure, there is a quick and easy check you can carry out to see whether or not your LEDs are efficient:

Energy Efficient LEDs from LED Lights 4 You 

If you’re currently reliant on inefficient LEDs, we could save you thousands. For more information, give one of our team a call today on 03333 446 084fill out a contact form or browse products on our online LED shop.