The Issue with LED lighting is that invariably LED Lighting is being purchased as a direct one for one replacement based on Watts and Price. As we’ve previously written about, not all LEDs are created equal and poor quality lighting can end up costing business thousands in increased energy bills.

Additionally, many businesses are missing out on an opportunity for further savings when they replace lighting on a one to one basis without considering how their operations has changed since the LEDs were first installed.

Replacing LED Lights – Things To Consider

Often when replacing old lighting an opportunity is being lost by just replacing one for one, other  considerations could also be made.

  • Has the Layout been changed for new Racking and the Isle position changed?
  • Have you installed New Machinery or maybe high tech machinery which requires precision adjustment for the various runs?
  • Often taking over an existing building the LUX levels may not be adequate for your requirements, such as Vehicle Body shops for example where often 700 LUX Plus is required?
  • Mezzanine floors are added making some lights redundant or requiring Fire Safe lighting below?
  • Often as with Warehouses areas remain lit all day or 24/7 as with distribution or Rail depots, therefore sensors can be used to switch off lights when no one is around?
  • How to maximise Energy Savings and get better value?

A simple one for one replacement will not only fall short of your expectations, it rarely produces  the reduction in Carbon Footprint together with the monetary benefits plus tax incentives.

With larger groups or organisations the limit of £250,000 on Tax relief is a barrier to CAPEX expenditure. However with high efficiency LED lighting which are Technology Equipment List compliant, Enhanced Capital Allowance can be Claimed. This Tax concession is treated as additional to normal CAPEX expenditure and has no limit!

Why Is the ETL Compliance so Important?

This list is a minimum requirement which ensures that the lights are of good quality and a high build standard. Time and time again we are asked to replace failing LED lighting that is just a few years old. LEDlights4you are committed to supplying best value in LED Lighting ensuring that customers benefit from both improved long maintenance free life as well as qualifying for incentives such as tax relief.

Furthermore, ECA is flexible and can be claimed different years. This means that a total refit of lighting can be done in one go benefiting the Business in improved environment and up to 80% Energy reduction all in one go!

Talk to the Experts 

If you’re in the process of looking to replace your LED lights, don’t just settle for a one on one replacement based on price! For more information on how much we could save you, book in for a free lighting survey with us today by calling 03333 446 084 or fill out a contact form and we’ll get back to you.